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To appoint Marrelli Trust Company Limited “MTCL” as your company’s registrar & stock transfer agent and registrar, please see the requirements below: Provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and subsequent amendments. Provide a certified copy of the Resolution of the Board of Directors relating to the appointment of MTCL Provide a certified copy of the By-laws. Provide a form of Officer’s Certificate to Marrelli Trust Company Limited stating that the company is duly incorporated, all necessary and proper steps have been taken to make the issue of shares valid, and the company has, at the date of the opinion, a stated capital position concerning: authorized shares (if any), issued and outstanding shares (if any), the shares are fully paid and non-assessable; and the form of the share certificates to be countersigned by MTCL, as transfer agent and registrar, is approved as required by law. Provide a Certificate of Incumbency which includes a certified list of the officers of the company with specimen signatures of such officers who are authorized to execute documents of the company including treasury orders. Provide certified specimens of all classes of share certificates which are to be countersigned by MTCL as transfer agent and registrar, if applicable. Provide a Notice of Termination of services to your current transfer agent, if applicable. Request your current transfer agent, if applicable, to provide the following to MTCL; Certified list of shareholders, certificate history report by account, a list of stop transfers (including backup documents), unused certificate inventory if not utilizing generic certificates, transfer journals/debit wraps, pending lost/estate transfer files, client history summary, and exchange rates. The current transfer agent should also provide MTCL with a certification of the number of shares issued and outstanding (indemnified, if there are any exceptional discrepancies, a supplemental mailing list, other relevant reports/old records electronically (excel format), paper transaction files, and a list of capital changes for the prior 12 months.

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