Category: Issuer & Shareholder FAQs

An Executor or Administrator of an estate must fill out the form below to re-register securities in the name of the deceased to either the Estate of the Deceased or a Beneficiary of an Estate. The Declaration of Transmission must be sworn before a Justice of the Peace, Judge, Notary, or individual permitted to take affidavits to be used in Provincial or Federal courts. Provide the original certificate with the completed Declaration of Transmission form. The executor must endorse the original certificate. It then must be guaranteed by a financial institution that is a recognized member of the Medallion Signature Guarantee Program or by a Schedule 1 Canadian Bank. Ensure the original or notarized copy of the Letters Probate or a Probate Bond of Indemnity accompanies the paperwork. The registration panel must be completed by the executor, indicating that the securities are to be transferred directly to the beneficiary.

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