When do I require a certified corporate resolution?

A Certified Corporate Resolution is required to transfer a security registered in the name of a company. The Certified Corporate Resolution identifies the individual(s) who has been given the authority to sign on behalf of the corporation. The resolution must be dated within six months of the date the certificate is presented for transfer. A specimen signature(s) must also be provided. The person endorsing the certificate must be different from […]

Where can I get my signature guaranteed if I am not in North America?

he following are some potential medallion services providers outside of Canada: United Kingdom: https://www.lesteraldridge.com/international/medallion-signature-guarantee/ https://medallionguarantee.co.uk/medallion-services/ https://www.sharedata.co.uk/medallionstamp/ https://www.findersinternational.co.uk/our-services/medallion-signature-guarantees/ https://www.redmayne.co.uk/medallion Australia: https://www.fortrend.net.au/medallion-stamp-guarantee-2 Online – US residents only: https://esignatureguarantee.com/

Why do securityholders require a Medallion Stamp or signature guarantee?

A signature guarantee provides the transfer agent and issuer with proof that the registered owner of the security wants to transfer the security. There are two ways to guarantee a security in Canada: A Schedule I Canadian Chartered Bank can guarantee signatures and is represented by a stamp from the financial institution. The guarantee is signed by an officer providing proof that the signature is genuine. The officer will also […]

What happens if I find my lost certificate?

If the stock certificate is found, please inform us, immediately, to lift the stop-transfer from the stock. IMPORTANT: If the certificate has been replaced, please return the old (found) certificate to Marrelli Trust Company Limited immediately for cancellation.

Do you have any suggestions on how to find my lost certificate?

Check your safety deposit box. Contact your broker and issuer and ask if they have it in safekeeping. Double-check your files at home and work. Contact our office to see if your certificate has been transferred, or if it is being held in DRS form. Check your cottage or vacation home, and your P.O. box. If an attorney, consultant, or third party assists you with your investment affairs, ask if […]

What is the procedure for replacing lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates?

Complete the Notice of Lost Certificate Form and send it to MTCL by email or mail. The form requires you to provide details of the loss, including the circumstances surrounding the loss, details of the certificate(s) lost, and the registration that appeared on the certificate(s). The individual claiming the loss must complete an Affidavit of Loss. When certificates are returned through the postal system as undeliverable, it is called a […]

How are certificates, held in the name of the deceased, transferred?

An Executor or Administrator of an estate must fill out the form below to re-register securities in the name of the deceased to either the Estate of the Deceased or a Beneficiary of an Estate. The Declaration of Transmission must be sworn before a Justice of the Peace, Judge, Notary, or individual permitted to take affidavits to be used in Provincial or Federal courts. Provide the original certificate with the […]

Why do I receive materials from Marrelli Trust Company Limited?

Marrelli Trust Company Limited acts as a trust company offering transfer agent services for the company in which you own shares. We process the transfer of ownership of securities and maintain the shareholder register. We distribute materials on behalf of the company to its shareholders.

What assistance will I get with my annual meeting?

In a word, complete. Before the meeting, we will contact you and provide you with all the requirements for the meeting, and with the use of our online calculator, you will be able to set up a timetable of events. Marrelli Trust Company Limited offers the following Annual Meeting Services: Preparation of the Notice of Meeting and record dates and distribution to the appropriate authorities. Preparation of search cards to […]