How do I register for online access?

Please contact us at to obtain your user ID. A security check will be performed for registered securityholders. Registered securityholders are requested to provide the name in which their securities are registered, full mailing address, phone number and email address.

What is the benefit to registering for for online access?

Securityholders have the ability to view their registered holdings, vote their proxies, request a DRS statement, report a lost or stolen securities certificate, add or change email addresses and preferences 24/7. Clients can view their registered securityholder register(s), print various reports.

What does the term “street name” mean?

“Street Name” means that Securities are held in a broker account and registered in the name of the broker or other financial institution. For example, the brokerage firm’s name may be seen as the registered securityholder of your stock. A broker position might represent any number of beneficial owners.

What are the different levels of DTC Eligibility?

There are 4 levels of eligibility with DTC: Level 1 – CUSTODY Only Only physical certificates can be deposited with DTC. While clearing through DTC, the securities will be registered in the broker’s name. Level 2 – DTC Eligible Only physical certificates can be deposited with DTC who serves as the custodian and holds the securities through its nominee name, “CEDE & Co.” Level 3 – FAST Eligible Issues that […]

How do issuers become eligible for the book-based system?

The book based system means shares are traded between brokers and other financial institutions and cleared through The Canadian Depository for Securities (“CDS”). The security must have an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). The security must be transferable, in physical form, by a CDS eligible transfer agent.