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Marrelli Trust

Marrelli Trust Company Limited (“MTCL”) is a British Columbia financial institution committed to providing fast and reliable transfer agent services with flexibility and cost-effective pricing. Unlike large impersonal banks and transfer agencies, we are available to you whenever needed. Marrelli Transfer Services Corp., located in Toronto,  is an agent of Marrelli Trust Company Limited and as such, solely provides transfer agent services on behalf of MTCL to Ontario clients.

We are aligned with both DSA Corporate Services Inc. (“DSA”), a leader in delivering corporate secretarial services, and Marrelli Support Services Inc. (“MSSI”), a highly respected leader in providing financial accounting and reporting services to companies active in Canadian capital markets. MTCL, DSA, and MSSI offer clients a complete C-suite experience for their corporate and securities transfer requirements.

We are proud to work with both publicly listed and private companies across a variety of industry sectors. Our client base consists of reporting issuers listed on the TSX, TSX Venture Exchange ( TSX-V), the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), and private companies aspiring to go public by way of prospectus filings or reverse take-overs with capital pool companies or listed shells.

Marrelli Trust Company Limited is a non-deposit taking trust company authorized under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. No trust services are performed outside of British Columbia.


We do the right thing. We are transparent, honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We keep our word, deliver on our promises and embrace our challenges.


We are experts. We align the needs of our clients, our company and our team members. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of our specialized skills, knowledge and competence in service to our clients.


We win together. We foster trust, collaboration and mutual support to focus on consistent, superior performance. We set positive examples, invest in developing others and challenge each other to new heights.

Innovative Spirit

We anticipate change and shape it to fit our client’s purposes. We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and create forward-thinking solutions and process improvement tools.


Our Mission is to be the financial and corporate governance partner of choice for Canadian small to mid-cap reporting issuers, bringing a wealth of experience to our clients, one relationship at a time. To serve our clients we believe in the following core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Innovative Spirit.


Collateral Trustee and Subscription Receipt Agent

We hold securities in trust under collateral and security arrangements,act as a trustee for subscription receipts; and make interim payments and distributions as required.  

CUSIP & ISIN Services

We facilitate the process of obtaining new CUSIP and ISIN Numbers for our clients. Requests generally take one business day to complete, provided all the required documents and information is included and accurate.

Escrow Services

We act as a third party under escrow and pooling agreements. The strength of our management team ensures that clients entrust us to hold securities for exchange listing applications and business combinations.

Report Services

We provide detailed, customizable reports, including; issued and outstanding shares, omnibus breakdowns, proxy voting lists, proxy tabulation results, geographic breakdowns, transaction updates, and shareholder lists.

Shareholder Communications Service

We administer the National Instrument 54-101 requirements to communicate with both registered and non-registered shareholders on behalf of our clients.

Stock Transfer Services

Our experienced professional team supports a comprehensive range of security transfer and registrar services. We provide a customized approach offering personalized services and efficiency.


We offer voting trust services to its issuers and acts as a trustee for clients in need of voting trust services. Our voting trust services provides minority shareholders voting trust services to vote their common shares.

Warrant & Right Services

We work closely with clients and legal counsel; exercising care, diligence and skill.  We ensure all aspects of trust indentures are administered for the benefit of the Issuer, Warrantholder or Rightholder.